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1996 Gamei Textile Co., Ltd. was established
1998 R&D center was established in Zhejiang to provide guarantee for new product development
In 2001, became a shareholder of Zhejiang Jiaming Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd., greatly improving the dyeing and printing capabilities
In 2004, it became a shareholder of Zhejiang Boyang Weaving Co., Ltd. to provide guarantee for mass production
In 2005, participated in the Linlangpeili exhibition twice a year to obtain the latest fashion information, and maintain contact and interaction with various brand designers
In 2008, the wholly-owned dyeing factory was officially put into use, greatly improving the speed of sample development. At the same time, the digital printing workshop was put into use
In 2012, the Foreign Trade Department was established to better serve foreign customers
In 2015, established Spanish branch and Vietnam branch to open up more potential customers

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