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Dongguan Boyi Textile Co., Ltd. Dongguan Boyi Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and is now located in High-tech Industrial Park, Tingshan Village, Houjie Town, Dongguan City (next to the World Footwear Headquarters Base). It is a comprehensive "research-production-supply-sale" commerce company integrating product development, supply and procurement, production and processing, product sales, and customer service. It is a leading enterprise in the domestic special fabric sub-industry. Since 2008, Game Textile has been growing rapidly with 20% annual performance growth. Currently, the company has nearly 300 employees (non-productive). The company has an annual output value of over 200 million yuan and strong profitability. Its business has covered Europe, North America, Large overseas markets such as South America and Southeast Asia.
The game company currently has more than 5,000 product varieties, and the products have applied a variety of manufacturing processes such as sardines, small jacquard, jacquard, knitting, yarn-dyed, etc. and various processing technologies such as printing, coating, flocking, embroidery, and Oil, waterproof, antifouling, etc. There are more than 400 manufacturers and more than 50 long-term cooperation brands, including Nine West. POLO, Coach, Zara, Guess, Nina, Converse, Vans, Enzo, Angiolini, UGG, Teva, BCBG, etc. We lead the fashion trend and combine cutting-edge textile technology and information. We release more than 500 new materials each season in spring and autumn. All these achievements are due to our professional and comprehensive service business philosophy, continuous improvement of production technology and sales services, and interactive research and development of new products and materials with brand designers.

The company is currently in a stage of rapid development. On the one hand, the company is continuously expanding its domestic market share and brand influence, its share in market segments is constantly increasing, its core competitiveness in material research and development is continuously optimizing, and its industry influence is increasingly evident; on the other hand, the company has completed With the layout and development of business internationalization, there will be more international first-line brands and in-depth business cooperation with Gaming. Gaming is gradually becoming a pivotal "one-stop special fabric integrated supply solution provider in domestic and foreign sub-sectors." ". At the same time, the company is optimizing and upgrading its internal operating system, management system, and incentive system. The company will gradually establish and optimize a standardized, modern and scientific management system and a positive and humane corporate culture.
Dongguan Boyi Textile Co., Ltd.

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