Happy New Year! 2017 Spring Reception Wine Party of Boyi come to a happy ending close!


Welcome gorgeous sunshine of 2017 after passing by passion and vitality of 2016. 2016 Excellent Team, Excellent Staff and Best Newcomer Award Ceremony and 2017 Spring Reception Wine Party of Dongguan Boyi Textile Co., Ltd. was held grandly in Hupanwan Hotel on Lantern Festival. All the staff of Boyi headquarters, the staff of the branch dye-works and leaders at all levels enjoyed this happy get-together, to celebrate Lantern Festival together.

Mr. Zhu Guoming, general manager of the company, released New Year’s greeting before the starting of the wine party, to wish all the staff and families a happy new year and happy family and explain our developing way to everybody. He said, “nowadays, enterprises compete fiercely, which is not the competition among individuals but the competition among teams. Leaders at all levels not only hope our company to develop stronger but also hope our company to develop, partners to benefit and staff to earn money, achieving a multi-win situation”. Manager Zhu was accorded a prolonged ovation after he ended the speech.

Then Manager Zhu declared the list of 2016 Excellent Team and Excellent Staff; Deputy GM Zhang declared the best newcomers and the staff winning the nomination of Excellent Staff; and they presented certificates and bonuses to the awarded personnel, and called on all the staff to learn from them, learning their due diligence and no complaints on the posts, to create an extraordinary life on ordinary posts.

The breathtaking lottery segment was coming soon. Our company prepared abundant awards and bonuses: 4 first prizes, RMB 2,000; 8 second prizes, RMB 1,000; 16 third prizes, RMB 500; 80 lucky prizes, RMB 200; several cash prizes sponsored by customers, which continuously reached high tides of the wine party. The spring reception wine party not only brought us happy laughter and cheerful voices but also made the heart of colleagues become intimate. The whole wine party had one climax after another, representing the happiness and harmoniousness of Boyi, a big family.


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