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      In the context of the rapid development of science and technology, people's lives also will change, also includes people's consumption habits. Looking back, from the long line of traditional shopping, to the recent years of online shopping, to today's hot mobile shopping, people's shopping paradigm changes occur. Undoubtedly, changes in the times and technology to diversify consumption patterns.

      Speaking of mobile consumption, we have to mention the recent two taxi software fast and beeps of the mobile terminal consumer hot, unprecedented consumption of people will be transferred to a short day mobile terminal. Zhejiang Xiuwei Technology Co., Ltd. in its official micro-Bo said: "APP as a mobile phone application software has been familiar with the majority of users, and the recent red packets, fast and drop subsidies to fight the war has allowed users to develop a In this trend, the clothing store should also seize the opportunity as soon as possible to launch their own APP clothing and other mobile marketing products, this is the best chance to seize the user, when someone else's brand occupies the user's mobile phone desktop It 's too late.

      Indeed, in the mobile consumer tide, to dominate people's lives in the four major categories of clothing, clothing as the largest consumer categories, continuous rapid innovation, per capita consumption is also growing at an annual rate of growth, combined with online and offline consumption patterns tend to Mature, mobile terminal as an online shopping platform, consumer awareness and consumption frequency should also occupy a certain proportion of consumption.

      However, in the field of clothing class mobile terminal, its development prospects have not been enough understanding of consumers and even some businesses, which is why? APP overwhelming period, clothing APP how to have a place in the mobile phone desktop? The future of mobile terminals should be how to develop it? Businesses how to use mobile devices to improve corporate profits? In this case,

      Now, more and more stores feel the huge challenge from the shop, but know how to combine the network, the use of smart phones terminal entity stores may regain a bureau. How to transform the physical store this "touch point" mean? These need to be answered effectively ...

      Clear target consumer group

       Mobile data analysis company Flurry in last year has given a APP development trend report, shows that mobile APP is changing for many industries, China has become one of the fastest growing APP countries. More and more people have begun to rely on APP applications, as the dependence on mobile phones. Rely on that is business opportunities, a large number of clothing brand enterprises rapid response, began to enter the APP mobile terminal technology, hoping to promote the adoption of APP will be accurate to every consumer, to achieve true point-to-point marketing. Li Shuhong, vice president of Zhejiang Xiuwei Technology Co., Ltd., is an APP developer dedicated to garment terminal. He summed up the terminal development for many years. Nowadays, the spending power of young people occupies the first place, and they are the main customers of mobile phone APP. Therefore, with the young consumer groups to achieve positive interaction, can better convey the brand concept is the clothing brand force mobile client general vision.

       Apparel enterprises in the choice of APP marketing, should be fully integrated with their own apparel product positioning, mainstream consumer crowd positioning, brand positioning and other factors, to adjust the APP marketing strategy and strength. "Mobile terminal interface display to achieve a strong sense of design, and strive to attract consumers in the first visual; and the interface should be simple and generous, because the clothing class terminal screen is small, the amount of information subject to objective constraints, can display less content , Such as a large number of listed information will be counterproductive. "Li Shuhong said. At this time we can not help but ask, clothing brand APP terminal can do? Browse trend information, query store shelves new, learning clothing with these are just the most basic functions. Living in a mass of information society, if you can not provide end-users with fresh fun, practical and convenient user experience, I believe that users will soon uninstall these APP. In this case,

      Focus on experience

       The past two years, clothing, mobile terminals to create the brand has become the difference, fun, interactive one of the initiatives. However, in addition to the mainstream platform APP and a small number of ZARA, H & M, GAP, where customers Eslite, Uniqlo, I. T, led by a large brand in the mobile terminal occupies a place other than the vast majority of clothing brand APP is still hovering outside the consumer line of sight. Even if many brands to catch up with the trend, but also joined the ranks of the development of APP, but the purpose is nothing more than as a quick way to make money. Li Shuhong reminded: "brand development terminal is a refinement process, and even take some time to develop user groups, such as fast and ticking this 'burn' mode does not apply to the clothing brand, unless it has a large number of assets, thus cultivating customer experience , Through the interactive form so that consumers first rely on the use of a brand of APP, and then to achieve profitability.

       For example, in order to promote "serving the life" of the fast fashion brand Uniqlo, on the development of its mobile APP called "uniqlo wake up" applications. Uniqlo wake up "Welcome to the new day in the music that changes with the weather and share your wake-up message." It differentiates it from other APPs by integrating weather, music and social functions into one. Get up and weather, coupled with a unique wonderful female voice broadcast, in addition to basic weather and alarm clock function, uniqlo wake up also incorporates social functions, can get their own information to get up to social networking platform to share their waking up to the world . This is the life of the consumer's internal needs. Li Shuhong also mentioned, "mobile terminal consumer demand, first of all is to require fast speed, showing the content smooth, there must be a long time to wait for consumers to leave; followed by simple and clear, the fastest to find their own things, To minimize the input link, you can scan the two-dimensional code, click on the choice to replace the input. "He stressed that in the era of mobile consumer marketing environment, creating a customer contact system, remodeling customer experience is particularly important. In this case,

      Online and offline integration

      Chinese consumers believe that the store's information is the most important. The problem is that most brands of online and offline did not get a good combination, which is why the clothing class mobile terminal has been unable to be consumers attention reasons. At this point, fast fashion brand mobile terminals do more prominent.

      For example, in the GAP brand mobile terminal consumers can obtain coupons, and these coupons are all used only for offline stores, we can see that the brand is valued brand store sales under the driving effect, in order to encourage users to line consumption . The local fast fashion brand Metersbonwe began to seriously crack the online and offline interaction problems. The United States Tesi Bang Wei building based on physical stores and mobile phone Bang purchase mall interactive APP, O2O integration, consumers can online closed-loop transactions, search, shopping, payment of the whole process of operation; can be on the phone at any time to find the latest Smith Barney Clothing store; in the physical store sweep through the bar code function, you can order online, direct delivery of goods home. At this level, the store image is not a simple transformation, the store's trading rules, billing equipment and software and so need to update the operating rules of the entire enterprise, the commercial real estate and the relationship between the brand directly formed a subversive rewrite. In this case,

       Li Shuhong stressed that the mobile terminal on behalf of the line, the store on behalf of the line, then the APP is an important function is to store the customer extends to the phone, APP will also provide maps and other LBS functions to provide store location information, The two-dimensional code scanning and other line of business to pay into, so APP is the line of the connection point. "The future of mobile-side consumer will become the mainstream of electricity providers, if consumers are still accustomed to Taobao Taobao Taobao, that the development of mobile devices on the type of clothing is limited, if consumers want to get richer features and services, Or be able to enjoy the location services, personalized clothing recommended, VIP treatment, clothing terminal on the promising.

      Visible, whether through mobile phones to send more valuable product information, or create fresh and interesting hot spots, traditional retail is working to transform and create a new shopping era.

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