The future of China's industrial textiles industry has a broad space for development


      Beijing, March 5 (Reporter Yan Xiaohong) China's industrial textiles industry this year will remain stable and rapid development of the industry's annual industrial output value, sales revenue, total profit and the main product output and other major economic indicators will remain More than a growth rate. Industrial textiles is an important direction for structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry. In the future, China's industrial textile industry will have a broad development space.

      Reporter on the 5th from the China Industrial Textiles Industry Association was informed that in 2013 China's industrial textiles industry continues to maintain rapid and healthy development of industrial added value increased by 13 percent, the above-scale enterprises of the main business income and profits were increased by one Into six, the major economic indicators in China's textile industry is still a leading position. Industry experts said that industrial textiles are more involved in high-tech products, and environmentally friendly, new materials, new energy and other strategic emerging industries are closely linked, is the traditional textile industry and strategic emerging industries the best combination of industry. In this case,

      According to the analysis, China's investment in infrastructure construction, environmental management, health care, security protection, military and national defense will continue to increase, which will release a greater domestic market, the rapid development of China's industrial textiles industry Vast space. It is expected that this year, China's industrial textiles industry investment activity will be more active than last year, and investment will be more concentrated in the high-end advanced production capacity increase, technological transformation and equipment renewal. At the same time, the international market will also maintain steady growth.






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