2012 top textile and apparel industry: looking for high-quality investment targets


      2011, the industry fell in line with expectations of raw material prices fell sharply, the external demand down and industry operating costs rise together under the influence of the industry boom in 2011 all the way down. Cotton into a new balance pattern Favorable industry return to stable From the cost-benefit ratio of planting In 2012 China's cotton acreage will drop more than 10%, cotton purchasing and storage will enhance the next two years, the new cotton price stability. The export structure of the new growth pattern of export growth to fall into the bottom of the past five years, and then upgrade the industrial structure or promote a new round of employment recovery economic growth, the policy level to re-understand the exchange rate and other environmental improvements will promote the new A new round of export-oriented growth pattern based on structural upgrading.

      Brand domestic sales to maintain a high boom, the consumer is in full swing the total social wealth shrinking and further distribution, labor costs, tax reform voice and consumer rigidity will promote the brand consumption upgrade is still divided into the main lines, the main tone in the high-end consumer policy Level in the low-end consumer protection.

      The choice of sustainable brand culture drive the company's brand concentration is low, industrial upgrading and entrepreneurial ideas will further promote the future supply will be abundant. With the concept of sustainable brand culture and sound social responsibility of the company will continue to be the first choice of investment: "love home" concept, "hi" culture, the wolf totem will continue to upgrade the old and new customers artistic and cultural ideas, promote the company continued to grow; Experienced raw materials frequent skyrocketing baptism without losing the brand service concept in the mid-range brand growth space is still broad. Continuous brand investment and strong technical reserves decision leading export success of the transformation of the company's quality advantages and rich cultural connotations, and promote sustained growth of growth.

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