There are new requirements for textile exports to Korea


      To ensure the safety of infants and children, recently, South Korea introduced a draft text of textile safety and quality standard amendment, the draft amendment provides for restrictions on the use of nickel in textiles, heavy metals, flammable pajamas require warning signs, and children's products The use of plastic bags and other restrictions on the use of phthalate plasticizers.

      Zhanjiang is Guangdong 's largest cotton textile production and processing base, but also China' s cotton textile production and processing of one of the main base. To this end, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant production and trade enterprises, should pay close attention to the new Korean textile regulations may impact, as soon as possible according to the technical requirements of the target market to do a good job in advance, and actively improve the production process, the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and other methods , To ensure product quality and safety; enterprises in South Korea and customers signed a processing contract, the product design to the compliance and responsibility to make clear provisions to strengthen the design of the customer to sample the security project review, once the customer design defects should Timely communication and design changes to ensure compliance with the requirements of the new regulations in South Korea; to regulate the use of nickel heavy metals, phthalates plasticizers, strict implementation of the South Korean textile safety and quality standards for testing the new requirements, to avoid causing no The necessary economic losses.

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